Jakkalsvlei offers a versatile range of classic varieties that suits all tastes.

The Jakkalsvlei range includes thirteen different wines from a fresh and zesty Sauvignon Blanc, a fruity River Cuvée white blend, a tropical Chenin Blanc, a dry Pinotage Rosé, a natural-sweet range of White, Red & Pink Moscato, a soft and elegant full bodied Mount Cuvée blend, a coffee driven Pinotage, a complex Merlot and a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. The range also features two sweet wines. A rich and creamy Hanepoot and juicy syrupy Red Muscadel. The wines are full of character and reflect the true ambience of the Jakkalsvlei Farm.

Jakkalsvlei Wines

The exclusive Lord Jackal wine range is produced in limited quantities, with a focus on quality and taste.

Our wine is crafted with the utmost care to give you the best drinking experience.

Jakkalsvlei Wines